What are your standard performance times?

8pm-12am.  However we are able to start at 7:30pm or finish at 12:30am/01:00am for an additional fee.

How long do you take to setup?

Generally, 30 minutes from when we're given access, but it's best to allow around 45 minutes.

Do you play ceilidh music?

Yes, we can provide a Gay Gordons, Dashing White and Strip The Willow.  We can also call the     dances.

Will you learn a specific song for my wedding?

Absolutely, we only need 4 weeks notice to learn your first dance.

How long is your break?

We generally take 2 breaks.  One lasting 30 minutes which will coincide with your evening buffet and another later on lasting 15 minutes.  

Do you provide music during your break?

Yes, we provide a mix of music when we are on a break.  If you have your own playlist that you'd like played, you can either bring along an mp3 player or e-mail us a spotify playlist the week before your wedding and we'll be happy to take care of this for you.

How far do you travel?

We are based in the central belt of Scotland and will generally only travel up to 90 minutes.  If your venue is further afield, by all means ask, we'll be happy to consider each enquiry on an individual basis.

Can I pick the set?

We have a lof ot experience in performing.  Even we wouldn't pick the set in advance.  We'll play what we feel will work best for you and your guests on the day.  If however there are any songs you really want us to include from our set, then by all means let us know.

Can I provisionally book Aurora?  

Due to the volume of bookings, we unfortunately cannot block off dates provisionally in our diary.  Your date will only be secured when the relevant paperwork is processed by us and confirmation is sent back to you.  

How do I secure my date with the band?

Go to the contact page and fill in the form, if we're available then you can secure your date with a £150 deposit along with completion of your booking form.  Written confirmation will be sent once we process your paperwork, your date will then be unavailable for anyone else looking to book.